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Hey Ladybirds! is a shout out to the women walking throughout our lives. We’re inspired by all the girls in our world - look around - you’ll see them. The moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, coworkers, and even enemies. Each woman carries a past, a future, and a story. So multi-faceted, so varied, so full of pain and regret, but also joy and dreams. 


We want to cultivate a place for girls of multiple generations to taste truth, savor stories, and experience hope as you wait, wrestle or revel in the Lord.


I'm the mama bird of the group - married for almost 30 years, four kids, three daughter-in-loves, and a growing brood of grandchildren fill our nest. However, I'm learning to find complete joy and fulfillment in the presence of Jesus. Years of parenthood, fun, and flourishing were mixed with anxiety, fear, and depression.

I'm passionate about the Bible - the very words are breath on a page - living, active, and complete. Because of what Jesus has done in and through my journey, I love to encourage women to read, study, dig, rest, and bury it into as much of your life as you can. My hope is that you can be inspired to step into all God has for you. He has grace upon grace.


A scientist, a pastor's kid, an equestrian, and a college student - living life on the landscape of family. For some, family can be a messy word (let's be honest, for most of us). But mess is where the true fun and flourishing happens.

Heidi lives and works in Washington state as a therapeutic riding instructor. Wife to Reece and mom to Selah & Beckam, she spends her free time at MOPS and with mom-friends.

Hannah is married to the filmmaker, David, and adventuring with their daughter, August. She's a Bible scholar who hates shoes, loves traveling, and prefers dessert first.

Sarah leads life full-tilt working at the CDC, serving at church, and spending time with her man, Bryson & ALL the friends. She loves a good cookie as well as good conversation.

Nicolle's living the single life at Georgia State, working at Brother Moto, and leading those songs during worship. Jon Benet Ramsey, keeping traditions, and WaHo are close to her heart.

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