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Hey, Ladybirds!

This is us. Full House. Entourage. The wonder years. Happy days. Family Ties. Friends.

Most of us read the above titles and have some type of feelings. Nostalgia or an LOL moment. A show we grew up with or watched alongside roommates. We connect with the characters and get invested in the story. Snippets of beauty and hope, overcoming and becoming. We're all girls who are becoming - someone beautiful, an overcomer, living a hope-filled life.

WE are excited and expectant as we share our lives and stories with YOU - together. You may be thinking - "what can this middle class white family of girls possibly offer to me?" Don't assume we have it easy. Don't suppose our scars aren't fresh and deep. Don't conclude that we aren't conquering the day and fighting for truth. Don't believe whatever lie society tells us - we're all women - navigating our past, present and future through the lens of hormones, heartache, and happenstance.

The storyline of our narratives are all broken - some more than others. But broken pieces make a beautiful mosaic. Color, design, and patterns produce the most graceful lives. We trust women who are transparent with the pain and truthful with their imperfection. They look like us - marked with a letter.

Living with a Letter

“We all wear a scarlet letter - some are lowercase, bold, hidden - but all can be redeemed.”

Every letter that we wear can be leverage instead of a label. God can use our broken and battered pieces to influence, encourage, and bring hope to others. Just like athletes don letter jackets as a sign of participation, we can wear our "lettered" stories with confidence.

Ladybirds Together

I actually LOVE the meaning behind the word "ladybird" - coccinellidae. It's the scientific word for this family of small beetles and from the Latin word, coccineus, which means "scarlet." It's perfect, right? The scarlet blood of Jesus (whose voice is in red letters in the Bible) is the message of hope our heart needs. The Scarlet Letter has taken our reproach and become our restoration. And as ladybirds, we can be a small tribe of girls who are not defined by our scarlet letters but transformed by them - together.

Reach out

We want to hear from you! We'll be writing and sharing about a million different things - some holy, some hilarious. What topics would you like to read, hear, or ask questions about? Give us your feedback, ladybirds! #scarletletter #heyladybirds #ladybirdstogether


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