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Take Pictures

This week all the Ladybirds will be on the road visiting family. We’re all going in different directions - a short drive to Tennessee, a long haul to Virginia and an extensive flight across the country. These trips require taking time off from work, navigating schedules, and packing extra clothes as well as essentials (like diapers and snacks). It requires a lot of effort to go on vacation or take a break. And the majority of people do NOT consider a family visit a “vacation.”

We approach vacation as time for ourselves - stretches of silence at the beach or hikes through mountainous trails. We envision mornings sipping coffee in peace or being served dinner by candlelight. And for most of us, spending time with family is not high on the list of rest, relaxation, and respite. However, now that I’m closer to heaven than the high chair, I’m taking a bird’s eye view.

From the sky, I can see not only the starting point and the destination but also the road we traverse on the way. I’m well aware of the rocky terrain - which could include miscarriages, tragedies, and cancer. The panorama is also dotted with beautiful celebrations, fun holidays, and special conversations. The journey is where the magic is, and journeys are better together.

Be that as it may, we live on earth - not up in the clouds with this comprehensive perspective. And because of that, we miss opportunities to engage on the expedition.

But don’t.

Don’t miss it.

Don’t look so forward to that vacay in the Bahamas that you cancel breakfast with your mom.

Don’t spend all your money on that trip to the spa and not save some for a trip to see Grandpa. Don’t yearn for time alone knowing that memories and moments are made in time together.

There is nothing inherently wrong with vacation, but I’m guessing Jesus was not counting down till the next time He took a week off. He knew His days were numbered, and He made the most of them by… making the most of them. The Lord of heaven and earth took boat rides with friends, went to weddings, had picnics with crowds, and served others supper around a table. He constantly echoed togetherness by embracing interruptions and enjoying the journey.

So this holiday season as you book another flight to see family or pack up the car to head home, don’t forget your Polaroid. Take pictures - literally and mentally. Look around at the landscape of where you are and what’s ahead. Time is short, so make the most of it. #takepictures #heyladybirds


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